Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1st Cold :(

So, today was a sad day. B had his first cold. I have called the doc, but really nothing can be done with a cold.

It all started Sunday, I just knew something was up. He wasn't his loud, chattering self. He was quite and just sitting there, playing with his toys. He ate fine and slept fine, but I just had a gut feeling.

Then yesterday, we woke up as usual, and after about an hour, he went to sleep again. I decided to stay home, maybe run some errands and just play it by ear.

Unfortunately today it hit. Runny nose, a cough, tired and cranky. Like I said before, I called the doc, but really they can't do anything for a cold, so she told me to love on him. Keep his head elevated, and try saline drops and sucking the nose.

OK... what they failed to mention about squirting sailine drops into your 6 month old is

A. they have to sit still so you can drop (just one) drop of saline in their nose then

B. proceed to suck said saline out of squirming, screaming 6 month old, who hates you at this particular moment, and is digging his nails into your skin reminding you that they should also remind you that you should remember to clip their nails before ever pouring saline down any nose. If you're a doctor... please take note. Kthx!

So... as the day progressed the nose has gotten stuffier, and of course, I am feeling ill. My throat hurts, I am exhausted and B has taken three 20 minute naps all day :) Gotta love it.

Not to mention he is teething, so clear snot mixed with drool, mixed with a sleeve in the mouth is a brilliant combination. I swear, they NEED to tell you these things.

I am not quite sure how I am going to keep Mr Mobile elevated all night, as he is a nocturnal acrobat, but I am sure I will manage.


On a postive note, Mr Man has mastered Green Beens AND Sweet Potatoes. Oh yeah! BRING IT ON!


Sweetassbabs said...

Bummer about the cold :-( Poor little thing. All those things are good to know and I will keep a mental note of them all. That sucks that you have had a hard day. Yay for green beans and sweet potatoes!!
My little one just tried stage 1 green beans today and didn't care for them to much, maybe tomorrow she will like them better. I hope you and your little man get over your sicknesses soon. I am sending get better vibes your way.

Heather said...

Wouldn't it be great if kids couldn't pass their colds onto their parents?

HM said...

Oh poor poor guy. I don't like when babies are sicks. I hope he gets better fast!

missy said...

Poor sweet little B! I'm so sad for you. It stinks that you can't blow your own nose. My little man was sick yesterday.....the doc said a bug is going around and his molars aren't helping.
Yay for green beans! You should look for pumpkins with pears and stock up, they're only around for the holidays. Gray was OB-SESSED!
Kisses and hugs your way! Do you have a humidifier and menthol baby bath?

Larissa said...

Poor little guy. Hope he feels better quick!

Lindsay said...

oh poor B! That's so sad! I would say it was teeth, bc I thought A was sick once before, but you said he's got a little cough...I'm sorry! Miss Priss is sending get well hugs & kisses to B!
Get Well Soon!
Oh and pumpkin & pears..we'll have to try that, too!