Monday, October 27, 2008

The ABC's

A - Age: twenty-seven.. EEK! That is getting a little too close to 30 for my taste.

B - Band listening to right now: um... that would be a negative. I am watching MLB though... Go Phillies :) Did you see that home run the pitcher hit last night... suuuweet.

C - Career future: Housewife - most of the time, Recruiter - passionate about, but takes too much time at the moment, Singer - my most favorite dream!

D - Dad's name: Ken

E - Easiest person to talk to: I guess my Mom? Nah... my dad!

F - Favorite type of shoe: Stillettos baby!

G – Grapes or Grapefruit: Grapefruit hands down, but it is true that it can mess with your antibiotics - should you be taking one. By the way, if you take an antibiotic it also makes your birth control NULL and void! Take note ladies.

H – Hometown: Near DC, VA. The most awesome people, beautiful weather, and oh yeah... it just happens to be the nations capital.

I – Instrumental talent: Yeah, that would be another negative. I did try to learn to play the guitar when I was pregnant, but trying to strap a guitar across your chest with a protruding belly is a sight in itself.

J – Juice of choice: Grapefruit - but only the real stuff. None of that Ruby Red crap with all that added sugar. I like straight, bitter juice, and NEVER any pulp... ugh! That is my special drink though, since I am diabetic it sends my sugar to all time highs.

K – Koala Bear or Panda Bear: Koala, but I heard they were mean. They still look cute though.

L - Longest car ride ever: I don't even remember how long that damn trip was, but TX to NY with my best friend. We did it in 3 days and it was awesome. Until we got held captive by my 80 year old grandmother once we got to NY. Gotta love her!

M – Middle name: I no longer have one. I hated it from birth, so when I got married, I dropped it and exchanged it for my Maiden Name ;-)

N - Number of jobs you've had: OK.. this could take a while. I started off selling awesome baby products, then I moved to selling candles and then I waited tables. After I did that, I found my real passion... recruiting. I love finding people better jobs. It is a lot of hard work and a lot of hours, but it is so awesome.

O- OCD traits: Um... I think the only thing is the bed has to be made before I can go to sleep and a clean house before I can sit my booty down. I don't know if that is OCD but that is all I got?

P - Phobia[s]: Heights, kind of. If I have to, I'll get up there, but basically I am not afraid of anything. Oooh, actually, I take that back. I am TERRIFIED of haunted houses. When I was a brownie (oh yes you read that correctly - like 8) we were taken to a haunted house and some monster guy grabbed me (thinking it was so freaking funny) and that was it. I have been terrified ever since. I tried to go in High School with my then BF, but I ended up having to sit in the kids room and color. Yes, I know, tragic!

Q - Quote: My favorite quote lately... "I didn't slap you... I just high fived your face" :D A more serious quote is from the book I am reading, The Shack. It said, "I suppose since relationships cause us the most hurt, it should also teach us the most about healing."

S - Song you sang last: Sleep, Baby, Sleep, to my little one, right before bed.

T - Time you wake up: 5 AM and 6 AM - or whenever Mr Man decides he's awake.

U - Unknown fact about me: I can make my tongue into a 3 leaf clover? Yes, it is weird, but I think that is the only thing?

V - Vegetable you hate: I am going to go with Peas here, because I hate when people put disgusting peas in a dish, just to make it look pretty. People, they are green, find something else. They taste like ass. Blugh!

W - Worst habit: Hot ITALIAN temper. OH boy! Hang on to your shorts boys and girls because when Momma gets mad, people are Gonna know :)

X - X-rays you've had: lets just put the whole body. When I was in the ICU and the hospital for that long time, they scanned, like everything. They couldn't figure out what was wrong. Plus, I get migraines, so they are always scanning my brain. Not to mention my horrible stomach, they have made me drink so much crap while they scanned, and most recently the awesome thyroid.

Y - Yummiest food my belly likes: Daddy's cooking. Or My moms stuffed shells, scampi, Eggplant or Chicken cutlets. Mmmmm.... home cooked Italian. Delish!

Z - Zodiac sign: Gemini... can you tell :D

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HM said...

I totally new the birth control one but that has caused plenty of births I'm sure. Maybe more then alcohol?? :)