Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last night the Giants lost to the craptastic Browns. I mean, really Eli, how many freakin interceptions can you throw in a game. Just when we look good and go against a 1-3 team (2 and 3 now) do we fall apart. BLUGH!

I have to get more blood drawn for more freaking tests today and I have to get an EKG. Is there anything else my docs would like to throw at me? I may look like a human pin cushion but I have feelings too :( Stop poking at me.. boo!

My grandmother tore some ligiments in her ankle and I am thinking about going up there. She is in an apartment in NY where there are only stairs, so I am worried she is being held hostage in her own apartment. It would be a lot with the baby (and no hubs) but sometimes Moms have to be SuperMoms! I can do it! Plus I would get to see all my family and they would finally get to meet B.

Anything craptastic about your day?

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HM said...

K I may be the long lost sister of your husband you are the long lost sister of SM when it comes to sports!

Oh man aren't those tests all just a peach?! Not! Everytime I have a CT I DREAD drinking the crap they make you drink and the needle with the funny feeling iodine...actually come to think of it, I dread everything about those tests! I hope they find something soon.

Oh your poor Grandma. Those stairs would be hard. I know it would be hard but maybe you should go out there and help her.