Friday, October 17, 2008

6 Months!!!

My water bottle!

Ha ha!!

Isn't this my changing table? What are you doing?

You're silly Momma!

Oh.. Momma... enough already.

I told you I was done!

Today, Mr Man is half a year old... can you believe it? I sure can't!

That Stats:

Weight: 18 lbs (50%)
Height: 26 1/4 in (50%)

This month Mr Man has conquered quite a few new things:
  • He can sit up completely unassisted
  • He babbles (dadadadadad) and squeals all the time
  • He recognizes his own name
  • He picks things up
  • He reaches for stuff and schooches towards it
  • He LOVES his Momma and Daddy!
  • He rolls anywhere he wants to go
  • He spins in a circle with his legs

This month Mr Man has:
  • Tried on his Halloween costume (check back Halloween for the MOST adorable pic
  • Wore his NY Giants sweat suit in a picture
  • Went to a pumpkin patch
  • Sat in some grass - he wasn't quite sure about that
  • Went on LOTS of walks in his awesome strollers
  • Went shopping for new clothes
  • Wore lots of hats!

Some things Mr Man has taught his Momma:

  • Patience
  • Sleep Deprivation is not really that bad, especially when you get to see that face everyday
  • Money isn't everything. Time means a whole lot more to me now.
  • Playing on the floor is a lot more fun than buying new stuff.
  • I always have a little more. Just when I think I am too tired and I have no more to give, I do.

Some things we are looking forward to:

  • Our first Halloween
  • Our first Thanksgiving
  • Our first Christmas Eve and Christmas (no squid this year ;-)
  • Visiting NY and all our relatives
  • Being introduced to new fruits and vegitables!


Katelin said...

he looks so much like you it's just precious. and yay for 6 months, i can't believe it's been that long already!

Sweetassbabs said...

Wow. Six months!! He is so cute!!! He has really learned a lot. I hope you are doing okay.

Sarah said...

oh my goodness six months already! He is so cute!

Lindsay said...


SpiveyTales said...

Oh so adorable! ;) He is really precious!

Lacey Bean said...

Adorable!! I got your comment about the socks, thanks for thinking me of me haha!

AND I gave you an award! Check it out:

HM said...

Look at those cheeks!They're totally squishable! He is getting so big and cute!

Jessica said...

he is seriously adorable! you are so lucky!