Saturday, August 2, 2008

We found a home

Well, I posted pictures and a description of Fatterson on Craigslist and it seems he is going to a great home on Monday. I guess I am ok with this, I know it needs to be done, I am just sad it has come to this.

Oh fatty, how I will miss you purring while I scratch your neck. Oh how I will miss you meowing at me when you're hungry or when you want me to pet you.

So... here's to you Fatty and your wonderful quirky ways!


Melissa said...

Im sorry that you have to get rid of him :( thats sad, i couldn't imagine.. hopefully it will be a great home... but brady comes first right?? sorry kitty!!

Laura said...

Awww, I'm so sorry. It hurts doesn't it? I just blogged a few days ago about giving up my little dog Sierra... had to be done because my ex and I got her together, and now we're split up. But it hurts my heart to say goodbye. Thinking of you, and I understand.

Lisa said...

You made the right decision. We gave our sweet Sammie (a lab) away to a very good family earlier this year. She didn't handle our move to the city very well. We use to live on 1 acre and she had a lot more room to roam, so we gave to some good family friends that live on 30 acres! She is so happy. And that makes me happy.

On the cat allergy thing... I don't know when they can be allergic, but we were told at 1 year that Grace was allergic to pet dander, but Sammie had never bothered her... well we were around a cat a few months ago and she broke out in a HUGE rash and was sneezing and scratching... all within 5 minutes of being at this persons house. So its probably better if you already think Brady is having allergies towards the cat!

d.a.r. said...

Aw, that has to be hard!!! At least he is going to a good home and not a shelter. :(

Lindsay said...

Oh No, that's so sad! I thought Averee was allergic to our kitty, but I asked her Dr. and she said it is SO hard to tell b/c they are so young. The Dr. said that it was better to have a cat before and during pregnancy than to get one after the baby was born b/c that way your little one was already exposed to the dander etc since you were around it while pregnant. She said more than most likely she is getting use to her surroundings and if I didn't see any signs of Averee having puffy, swollen, or red eyes, that I shouldn't worry yet. She also said that it would be the dander that she was allergic to and it could take up to two years to get out of the carpet. I asked about shampooing it, she said the only way to get it out 100% is to remove ALL carpet in the home. I don't know how old your home is but, she also said that played a factor. As far as testing goes, something about how they like to wait until they are a little older. I guess it's a little late to tell you this since you have a home for your cat. Good luck to Fatty McFatterson in the new home.