Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A couple things...

1. Mr Man's 4 month appointment is today, and he has to get shots. I am NOT excited about this, but luckily hubs will be there again to catch me when I cry uncontrollably and fall to the ground smile to my baby like nothing hurts!

2. I am so sick of these 12 year old Chinese gymnasts getting puffed up scores to defeat the Americans. First, you're 12 and we know it! - I don't care what your damn passport says. Second, Nastia Luikin is about 10x better than you and actually landed the dismount, not to mention the Vault. UGH! Alicia - we all feel your pain! OMG! and that tie break. WTF?? Why can't we just go back to 10 or 9.5, what is this bizarre points thing. Remember Kerri Strugg? Come ON! We want to be a part of it! We want to know who the hell is in the lead!

3. What is with the Jamaican's?? What do they put in their water? How are they so fast? I mean really. That Usain Bolt guy can RUN! I just wish he was a little more respectful. Pumping his chest and slowing down, really doesn't speak highly of you - especially when 9 billion people are watching (or whatever it is!)

4. The Hills are alive... (sing it with me now) with the sound of Draaammmaaaa! OMG! I was so excited about the hills premier and then they showed all 6 minutes of it. I mean a 30 minute show (granted I have Tivo) but 6 whole minutes of programming? How tacky. And then at the end when Audrina was talking with Lo and that voiceover came on "we just can't be friends" so cheeesy. Not to say that I am going to stop watching ;)

And Finally: Mr Man rolled all the way over yesterday... TWICE! Except he rolled from back to front, but can't seem to do the "easy one" (front to back). Not really sure what that says about his personality, but I am just so proud I am still smiling!!!

Anything you want to talk about?


Alexa said...

It seems like our lives are running in parallel, lol. Yeah for hubby's holding baby and then handing directly to mommy afterward, lol. I totally cried more than Blair did.

Blair is doing the same rolling from back to front (he'll be 5 months on thursday), but does not enjoy going the other way either, he has only done it a few times. The pediatrician said this is not a big deal.

LOVE the stupid Hills drama....is Heidi just a total idiot? or is it just me?

Sarah said...

Good luck with the shots today! Oh and I am so angry about the puffed up gymnastics scores! harumph!

Miz said...

I am an Olympic JUNKIE! I'm not sure how familiar you are with the new scoring system...so maybe I can help set the record straight.

In essence, there is still the possibility of the gymnasts scoring a "perfect 10." The two scores they add together mean two different things. The first score is purely the difficulty level of their routine. Each skill has a number assigned to it, and when you add all the "skill numbers" from the routine together, they come up with the "6.9" difficulty level (aka the first number). The second score is STRICTLY deductions of form or execution. The second score STARTS from a ten, and has the deductions subtracted just like in the good old days. Essentially, if the execution and form are perfect, the second number could be a ten.

The issues from the bejing event finals scoring is the judges cannot be from the same country of one of the competitors. If you look at the judging panel from Bars, they were from south africa, australia, and a couple of other countries where the level of gymnastics pales in comparison to the US, China and Russia.
It is definitely a scoring system that has its flaws, but if executed correctly is very fair.

The tie breaking system needs to be adjusted as well...like THERE ARE NO TIE BREAKS...

Sorry for the long winded comment..I hope it helped clarify things for you :)

missy said...

YAY for The Hills!!!! I love, love, LOVE the drama....is it just me or do all husbands scoff and roll their eyes at the sound of "the rest is still unwritten....yeah!"
Oh and Doug is way hot!

Katelin said...

good luck at the doctors!

and i totally agree with you about gymnastics and the hills. drama on both ends, sheesh.