Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gramatical what?!?

Ok, so as most of you know, I am in love with the hills. Why? Who freaking knows. I feel like I become a little more stupid every time I watch the damn thing. Ok seriously, yesterday, the brilliant quote of Spencer Pratt - "If I could make you my un-sister I would." Really... ok really??? UN-SISTER. Geeze. Frickin brilliant! And remember folks, this yahoo gets paid to be on TV.

And since I am on this gramatical kick, I HAVE to say one thing. People, the word is SAW not SEEN! I don't know if I live in the state of stupid, or if people just became lazy and don't want to use the word SAW anymore. But I swear, every freaking person interviewed on the news, every person on Judge Judy (my fav show!) or just walking around uses this horrible gramatical error.

The other day, this guy was on the news and he was like... "yeah, um so I was walking by and I seen this guy who was standing there, and the next thing I knew he was robbing this lady." I was like DUDE. You freaking SAW the guy, not seen the guy. Ok. Please.

Stepping off my soap box now, kthx!
Anything that erks you?


tiedtogetherwithasmile said...

I just posted about Spencer's comment today too, I always think he's reached a low and then he's right back saying something ridiculous again.

Grammatical errors are what erks me too...the one that gets me the most is your/you're...*shudder*

Lindsay said...

O.M.G I effin' HATE it when people say SEEN instead of SAW! I always tell Tommy how it bothers me and one time we were talking to complete strangers and they said, Yes, I seen it and I said, Oh, you saw it...okay!!! Of course Tommy thought it was rude of me and said not everyone is perfect!
Only gramatically correct Gemini's are!! Hahaha!!

Hot Mamma said...

Too, to & two!!!!!!! There not that hard to get right!

Oh and worsh and warsh....seriously it's wash!

missy said...

Spencer Pratt erks the C%*p out of me.....but, I love to hate him! I'm also obsessed with JDMA (Janice Dickinson modeling agency)...seriously, this took up ALL of my day yesterday!

Katelin said...

oh spencer, you truly are ridiculous. gag.