Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Will be a better day. I am determined.

I have sort of a job interview. Well, not really, I'm really just getting some more information on a position that may work while being a Momma. We'll see? I do, however, get to see an old My Mistress fan, which is cool.


Seriously I need a pedicure like no one's business! I wish I had extra money to trim these darn eyebrows and get my toes pretty... but alas, I do not. (Boo!)


Hurricane Eduard (apparently not Eduardo - weird!) hit the coast of Texas and the drummer or our old band and BFF of my husband is sitting it out. I pray he is ok. On the news it didn't look that bad, so I feel ok this morning.



Hot Mamma said...

Band? Old band? Do tell! I hope he's ok, I haven't read anything on it yet. Good luck on the sort of job interview! And ya I'm totally feeling you on the feet...I'm a big barefoot girl which takes a toll on the heels.

Hot Mamma said...

That is so cool! You like, totally rock!

Julie Q said...

Amen to the pedicure! i need to set one up for this weekend too! and for a second i got super excited thinking you were going to interview as a new correspondent on the today show.

happy friday!