Sunday, July 27, 2008

So Long Fatty!!!

Well folks, I am very saddened to say, that our eldest cat (and my first pet... ever) has to be given away to a no-kill shelter.

With a baby, and a chihuahua, we just don't have the room. Not to mention, everytime Basil is around B he sneezes, and we are worried our little man is allergic.

I am sad to see him go, but obviously, the baby takes priority.

If you know of a wonderful home, who wants an older cat, that is very lovable. Feel free to leave a comment. I have to do this sometime this week.


Anonymous said...

Aww too sad. I hope you can find a good home for him!!

Kelli said...

That is so sad :-( but totally understandable. Hopefully someone will take good care of the chubby dude! We can't have cats because Jack likes to eat um - so I'm hoping my little gal is not allergic to doggies! I would die!

Hot Mamma said...

Oh I'm so sad for you. That had to be so hard. Such a cute cat too!

Love the glasses BTW!