Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nursery Pictures!

The piece de resistance (sp?) the mural and changing table with pictures.


A beautiful painting from Hubs cousin.

We added some stars and some pictures :)

I don't have anything on the shelves yet, because they aren't secure. I just put them up there for the picture.

I know everyone wanted to see pictures of the nursery, so here are the finishing touches! And once the shelves are done I will add some schtuff.
Hope everyone has a fab weekend!


Anonymous said...

How adorable!! This has to be the cutest nursery I've ever seen, great job!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous!! Good job lady! Love the mural, gorgeous job. Did you do that yourself or did you hire someone?

Marium said...


the student said...

So once I convince the hubs that we are indeed ready to procreate, will you come decorate my nursery??? That is absolutely adorable! I've seen quite a few nurseries and nursery decor ideas, and this is the BEST!

Andrea said...

Tiedtogether: Thanks!

Notthelife: Thank you, but no, I did not do this myself. My BF and her friend did an AMAZING job.

Marium: Thank you!

Student: Thank you. I really love Goodnight Moon, but I wanted a different take on it. So I went with a calming color and mooons and stars.

Nanette said...

Love it!

Katelin said...

absolutely love it, so cute.

Kelli said...

It looks great! Boyish and unique:)

As far as your blog going private, I hope I would still have access because I love reading about your life!