Thursday, July 31, 2008

A re-cap of sorts

Well folks, as of now, I still haven't gotten rid of my precious kitty, Fatty McFatterson. However, I know the day needs to come, my heart is just breaking a little. Apparently, according to my friend (who has a 4 month old) it is not possible for babies to be allergic to cats at this age, but who knows. Mr Man is still sneezing quite a bit.

It has been like 900 degrees over here in Tejas, and boy howdy (that was my nod to Texas) does it suck. Actually today there is a Mosquito scare (no idea what that is?) but the news just told me to stay indoors. Um.. ok?

Not to mention there have been these disease ridden "spray parks" all over the news. I guess there like pools that just spray water... not really sure. And apparently they have given both adults and children this sickness that makes you leak from all orphisis. Cuuuuute! So glad Mr Man is not old enough to go to these places.

Hmm... what else? I don't know. I haven't been feeling really well lately. Kind of in a funk. Not sure why. Actually I do know why, and it makes me sad. Hubs has recently informed me my days as a stay at home are numbered. I am going to try and get a part time job, but daycare is not really an option. I am totally against it for my little guy, and I am just trying to figure out what I can do, instead of getting a night/weekend job. Right now, it doesn't look too promising. It looks as if dishes will be served and uniforms will be worn. Boo!

I wish everyone was rich and if you wanted to stay home with your little ones, you should be allowed. Blugh!

Anyway, sorry to put a downer on the day. Hope your weeks go much better! :D


Ashley D said...

Disease ridden spray parks? How scary! I can't even imagine. I hope you find a happy home for your cat. I'm sure you will miss him!

Ashley D said...

I hope you find a happy home for your cat. I'm sure you will miss him. And disease ridden spray parks? How scary! I can't even imagine.

Sarah said...

aww it must be so hard to get rid of your kitty. I would be soooo sad if I had to do that.
Also, boo on the job. I bet that is such a hard decision. I hope your days get better soon!

Hot Mamma said...

Oh I wish you could stay home too. I think things should still be like the old days. I would give anything to stay home with my son. Ask your doctor about the cat, see if there is anything you can do to keep him, you never know.

d.a.r. said...

Oh that must be eating you to have to leave your son. Hopefully you can find something that works with your schedules and allows you to have plenty of time with your hubs AND baby!

Katelin said...

oy i hope you guys stay mosquito free, yikes. and hope you find a happy home for your cat. my parents had to get rid of their when i was born too if it makes you feel any better :)

Kelli said...

But be thankful that you got as much time with your baby as you have had...I go back to work October 20th, like it or not... I'm already dreading it :( That's why she needs to be born now!

Lisa said...

I agree with you... I wish if you wanted to stay home you could... I wish it were that easy for everyone. You will find something... look at Missy and Michelle... working part time and staying home.

ps... I went through a rough time when Grace was 3-4 months. I think life as a mom is setting and its just a rough transition... wouldn't trade it for the world, but still rough sometimes. Keep your chin up... it will pass!!