Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 10 Week "Birthday" Baby!

Mr Man at the beach today.

Mr Man in the tent. Don't be alarmed folks, the tent is red!

Boogie boarding!

One more try...

A little paddle ball with the baby bro.
Well folks, today Mr Man is 10 weeks old. He has become such a good boy over these couple of months, and he is so much more aware.
He has figured out he has hands and he dying to suck his thumb. He hasn't quite figured out where the thumb is but his index finger seems to be just as good, for now.
He has figured out he has feet, and he loves to watch the blanket move as he kicks his feet.
He laughs at Momma and Daddy.
He smiles when he is super happy
and best of all...
He recongnizes faces. He watches as Momma walks around the room and listens as she sings to him. And he knows when Daddy comes in to pick him up.
He is absolutely a joy and I just couldn't love him any more!


Lynsey said...

Ahhh how sweet, he's so adorable!

Marium said...

awwwww lovely pictures! Brady looks adoreable :)

Michelle said...

Where does the time go? We all miss you, hurry home! Take a swim in the ocean for me!

Katelin said...

aww what fun pictures! brady is so just so dang adorable!

the student said...

Oh he is precious!!!! And you in a bathing suit already, I am so jealous :)