Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Hotness... multiplied!

OMG... yesterday hubs let me buy these amazing Fendi eyeglasses. See above picture!!

I got the color in the smaller box. But with my new amazing hair color they work perfectly.

I feel like a new woman!

When I get them in, I will take a picture of both!


As for the private thing, I am still undecided. I love having new readers, and it seems (according to Google) that I have about 130 people that read my blog daily, so some people would have to not be able to read - I guess you have a limit of 100 - but I am going to think on it more and see.

As for now, you are all invited!


Kristen said...

what color did you dye your hair? LOVE the glasses. now you are an official *hot mamma*

Marium said...

Wow! cool glasses man! I have my eyes on these Giordano ones, but now I may get these...will have to bribe DH to get me a pair...hmmmm!

the student said...

OMG I want....soooo badly! I mean, I love my Polo glasses, but those are HOTTT!

Katelin said...

oh those are so chic, i love it.

Lynsey said...

What did you decide on the hair color???

Anonymous said...

Pretty!! Can't wait for a pic! :)