Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Two AMAZING Doc's apt's

So, as most of you know my health has been sort of up and down this year. One minute your fine and having a baby, then next your kidneys are failing and your dying on an operating room table, and then next minute you are a Healthy 26 yr old girl expecting her first child.... whew! What a year!

So today I went and saw a specialist GI guy. I waited 4 months to see him, so I was kind of expecting a lot. When I finally got there, in the morning rain, I had a really good feeling about it. I spoke to the unenthusiastic nurse and was brought to my room. As I waited for the doctor I had a thought that this is exactly where I needed to be. So, finally, the doc came into the room. He was a balding, 5"6 gentleman, very soft spoken. He asked why I was there and I tried to explain to the best of my ability. As we started speaking he asked me some weird questions, such as do you get motion sickness "YES, the worst!" was my reply, then he asked what happened when I took the drug zofran (they use it for Chemo patients with nausea) and I told him how it didn't work. Then he brought nurse in and asked me to do this weird test. He said close your eyes, cover your ears and march in place for one whole minute. I did so adn was absolutely amazed when I woke up. When I started my back was to the wall and I was facing the table, when I opened my eyes, I was facing the door and my right elbow was touching the wall. "How did I get so turned around?" He tells me with a very straight face. You have no GI problems, you simply have a very bad case of Vertigo. In other words your ear canal is off balance, making you off balance, and making you nauseas. The reason Zofran didn't work is because it fixes the nausea in you belly, which you didn't have, the reason the promethezine works is because it has a balancing agent. SO weird! I go to the GI and find out I have an ear problem. I was SO releived.

Then I head to my OB apt. The nurses take some blood, take my weight (I have gained 2 lbs... very exciting) and I pee in a cup. Then I head to the OB room to hear the baby's heart beat. As he prepares the doppler I can feel the emotion whirling in the my stomach.

Finally he puts the doppler on my stomach and there it is... a whooshing heartbeat and around 150 beats per minute. SO EXCITING!!

I have never been too happy with going to the doctor, but I feel this could be a great sign of brand new, HEALTHY, things to come!


Michelle said...

Oh that is so wonderful! I hope that you can get the verdigo thing under control and be A ok!! Rub that belly for me!! XOXO

elysa said...

aww little baby heart beat whooshes yay. I am strangely tempted to try crazy marching in place test to see what happens to me.