Thursday, October 25, 2007

Desperatly Seeking Advice...

Thanks for the advice:
After reading your comments I realize, G was in the right. I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the comments. I will let you know what happens with the job.

There are two parts to this, so the more advice you can give me, the better!

Part One: I used to work for this guy, we will call him G, at a recruiting firm here in Dallas. It was, perhaps, the best job I ever had. Granted, it was stressful, the people I worked with were all crazy (most of them were 40 going on 20) and it was some crazy hours (most of the time I was there at 7am and didn't leave until at least 6pm.) The best part was I got to talk on the phone all day, talk to awesome people, and I had the potential to make a crapload of money! Which I was on track to do! G, was awesome as well. We got along great, I had lunch with his wife every so often, and it was just an all around wonderful environment with a wonderful boss!

Then I hit a speedbump. My hubby started traveling and I started spending more time with the crazies! A very bad recipe!! I got so sidetracked by the crazies, I wasn't paying as much attention to my relationship as I needed to. After a long talk with my hubby we decided, #1. I could do this on my own (with no bosses and no crazies) and #2. I would be happier working at home, with my own hours.

So... that is what we did. I got with my mom (who already had a recruiting company) and we tried to do our own thing. Along the way, some major things happened. Such as, my mom stopped working, I got pregnant, lost the baby and went into the hospital where I almost died.

When I got out the hospital, during my recouperation, I really assesed my life and what I wanted out of it. I realized, I loved what I did, and if there was a way to work for G, from a distance, I needed to pursue that. So that is what I did. I said I would work, from home, while also working on other things. He was fine with that and we settled on if I placed a candidate, I would get some money.

Then as the bills, from the hospital, started rolling in. My hubby and I decided I needed another job. Not one as stressful as G's job or even full time, just something to help with groceries and things. So that is what I got. I have this amazing job, where I get to talk on the phone, in a completely stress free environment, and I only work 3 days a week! It really suits me! Not to mention, the other 2 days, I work for G, as much as I can muster (being pregnant.)

Here is where your advice would be appreciated:
When I worked for G, in the office, he was kind of a micro-manager. Always wanted to know what I was working on, looking at how many calls I made and so forth. I thought... since not working directly for him that would change. It, unfortunately, has not.

I got a text today that said
G: "I have a business to run, so I need to know if you are working on the searches and how much effort you are putting into this. If you are not interested in working these searches, you need to tell me so that I am able to find help. I don't want to hire someone that is going to compete with your candidates and then you not get paid."
My Response: "I am sorry for not working on the searches last night, I was tired and I took a nap. I thought, since I was a consultant, I was not under any obligation to work a certain number of hours or make a certain number of calls."

How would you solve this? I have an "ex" boss, who is a friend, who wants me to give him 100% when I have only commited to 30%. I also, have a part time, non stress job, that suits me well. I am pregnant and tired, not to mention the chores at my house are piling? What should I do about G??

Part Two: All you moms, working ladies and super time jugglers... let me know how you do it! I had to admit my hubby does a lot, when he is in town. The problem I now find is there is never enough time to get to the laundry, the dishes, the cooking, the vacuuming and the toilets and showers done. Unless I never take a moment to breathe, things are always waiting to be done.
I would love to know the secrets!!


elysa said...

my advice ... set a weekly # of hours that you commit to G. I have a full time job and I do contract work for a company and they know that they can give me up to 10 hours a week of work, if they have more work than that they ask me on a per project budget. I do agree with what he says he is trying to run a business so though I understand you being tired and taking a breather he needs to know what you are committed to. You don't have to commit 100% of your efforts all the time but whatever time you decide I feel like both parties should be fully aware of the arrangement. That's just my 2 cents.

Andrea said...

I agree with what your saying, but in recruiting there is no set amount of time. You could make 100 calls (4 hours) and get no one and make 3o calls and get 2 candidates. I do know what your saying though and I appreciate your 2 cents :)

Sam said...

As far as your job situation goes, your boss isn't going to quit micromanaging if that is what he does. Kind of the whole "zebras can't change their stripes" scenario. Sounds like maybe you should find something that would suit your situation better?

I have a kid, one on the way, and a full time job. It's not always the easiest to balance but it has to be done. I sometimes work from home but many times have to work from the office. No nap times at either place unfortunately. :) The tiredness/no energy in pregnancy goes away usually by early to mid second tri-mester. You will find more energy to get things done around the house. I just have to go gung-ho and do them. If I stop, then I get lazy and sleepy and don't want to start again so I usually don't stop until everything is done. I also set days aside for certain things. Laundry on X and Y days, bathrooms/kitchen cleaning on Z day, etc.

janet said...

How about you sit down with him and set forth some expectations. Maybe they are not in hours, but something where you can commit to X, and he has a right to follow up if you have done X or not. Put yourself in his shoes...what would he need to know that would make him confident you are doing what you need to be doing? Not every single call, but something?

I don't know your field so these are just general thoughts. It just seems like you aren't on the same page and you should get on the same page somehow.