Monday, October 22, 2007

For All the Animal Lovers Out There

In the wake of "IggyGate" (Ellen Degeneres' plea to get the dog, Iggy, back to her hairdressers family - because the adoption place didn't allow dogs to be adopted to family's w/ children under the age of 14) and the NBC News Story(read more here - of a woman's dog being beaten to death by some golfer. I just wanted to reach out to all the animal lovers and plea for the insanity to stop!!

My hubby and I have 3 amazing animals that we saved from the ASPCA.

A little background for you, my hubby and I have lived together for 5 years, but only have been married for 3. Throughout my childhood I was dying to get a dog, but my poor mother was deathly allergic. She even tried to get me a puppy when I was 10 or so and just as she was about to tell me we could keep him, she had to be rushed to the hospital for a very bad asthma attack. Needless to say that was the last pet we ever tried to have :(
My hubby, on the other hand, grew up with both Cats and Dogs.

So for our very first Easter together we decided we were going to get a Cat. I have never been a cat person, but I gotta say, once I layed eyes on that guy (his name is Basil and his picture is above) I fell deeply in love!! We took him home and he has been my amazing pet for almost 5 years!
Then as the years progressed we got another cat, he is older and was a stray for over 2 years, his name is Sammy. And then finally to round it off, we got our only dog, Mochachino. He is a Chihuahua/Terrior Mix. He is so loving and so small!!

Here is the thing... I am 13 weeks pregnant now, and as I was laying in bed last night, cuddling with Basil, I thought... am I always going to love Basil more than the rest of the animals?? Is your first animal (or child) always going to have a special place in your heart??
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Sammy and Mochachino!! But is there just a special place in your heart for that very first pet??
You see... I want 3 children... and I am worried that once I have this first one I won't want any others, because the love of that child will be overwhelming and then if a second or third child does come along... will I love them more? or the same? Or God Forbid less??

All you readers out there with multiple animals or children let me hear what you think!

Ciao for now,

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