Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One of THE most amazing days of my life!!

Yesterday M and I headed to the OB at around 2 in the afternoon. I was a little trepidatious just because they were going to do the Down Syndrome Test. Now, as a soon to be parent, I have noticed I have started worrying more than normal. Some times I worry about gaining too much weight, other times it is not eating right, and other times it is simply am I doing everything I can to make this a healthy baby? Matt and I hadn't even discussed the possibility of Down Syndrome, because we didn't want to prematurely worry. We just wanted to cross that bridge (God Forbid) we got there.

So as I walked into the OB's office I noticed the butterfly's started whirling around my stomach. I was so nervous and excited and worried I couldn't even sit still in the seat. I know this was only our 13 week apt but this was a HUGE milestone in both of our lives.

Finally (not really, we waited like 10 min) we were escorted into the sono room. Some jelly was squirted on my 4lb belly and.... there He/She was. SO BEAUTIFUL!! We could see baby immediately! Baby just popped up there, squirmed some, waved at us and finally hiccupped!

Then, just as I thought that moment could not get any better, Baby stayed in place perfectly enough for the tech to tell us, Baby was absolutely normal. No signs, whatsoever, of Down Syndrome. I have to admit I almost just burst into tears. Not only could I see our 3 inch baby, He/She was pefect!!!!

As we sat there, intently staring at the screen, Baby did all sorts of things. We got pictures of Baby's fee, Baby's arm (waving), and Baby's beautiful profile!!

As I left the sono room, I could just feel the emotion swelling inside. Then we went in to see the doctor. He said everything looks awesome. He was sorry I was still nauseas and still throwing up, but nothing that day was going to take the smile off my face!!

Baby... our baby was a perfect 3 1/2" :)

There is a picture up top of the best shot!! So photogenic our baby is already. And Lord knows that is a good thing with the Mother-in-Law I have!!

Not to mention, some of the best news yet... at 20 weeks, which for us falls one week before Christmas, we find out the sex. Now our Baby will either be Brady Matthew or Isabella Josephine!


elysa said...

What a great Christmas gift! Little mister/miss needs to hurry up and let us know what he/she is.

Julie Q said...

Awww those are both cute baby names, & congrats on being pregnant!!

Best blog name ever too ;)

misspriss said...

These are the days and moments you will always remember. Live in each moment, Mommy and Daddy, they grow up way too fast! Just take each day one moment at a time....and remember to breathe, because before long, your breath will be taken away!
I love you!

Kate said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Such a cutie ;-)