Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Too Much Weight??

My nature is to naturally worry... maybe too much sometimes.

So everything I read about being pregnant keeps telling me you won't be in maternity pants for at least a couple of weeks. My friends, however, tell me they were in maternity pants by 6-8 weeks. I don't know what is right and what is wrong? I do know that every peson is different... and I get that. I just really hope I am not gaining too much weight?

This morning I put on my black maternity pants (still a little big, but I am sure I will grow into them) and a normal top. As I look at the profile in the mirror I noticed I had a little pouch... noticable through my clothes?

So I ask all you friends and preggo woman... is this too early, do I need to hold back on the food? What is going on? I think I only gained 3 lbs. If you have a normally flat stomach and you put on 3 lbs of baby weight... should your stomach already be protruding??

Naturally... I am worried!


Michelle said...

Ok first of all, come on 3 pounds, that is so so fine. You have to remember that you a very little person, so any weight gain and you are going to show it. Plus your uterus is growing much more in size now and so is that little peanut. Your baby and you do NOT need the stress of you wondering if 3 pounds is too much. I still don't mean go eat the whole tub of ice cream, but this is the one time in your life that you know it is ok to gain alittle bit of weight. So put your feet up when you can, and enjoy being preggo. Trust me, you will never get to be pregnant with your first baby again. Enjoy every moment, and everyday, and every kick. PLEASE, don't worry about it!!! XOXO

Ashlie said...

Congratulations on the baby girl! I don't know much in this area, but my bf (who just had her 2nd) started wearing her maternity clothes around 16 weeks with #1 and #12 weeks with #2. You seen to be perfectly normal. ;)

I look forward to hearing about your progress!