Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Ruined Evening :(

So yesterday I was SO excited about our ladies dinner! Missy put together this awesome dinner for just the ladies. Apparently when your a new momma it is a rare occasion to wear earings, a necklace and lipstick (love you Michelle!) So all 6 of us headed to this nice Pizzaria for dinner. I showed up first and put our names on the list to wait for a table.

As I sat there I had a pretty bad headache, but I tried to ignore it and think to myself that it would go away if I just didn't think about it. I don't know if any other preggo gals gets headaches, but I get these headaches that really knock you for a loop. Plus I am allergic to Tylenol, so I can't really take anything for them.

As all the girls started to arrive, I realized my headache wasn't going anywhere, but I was having so much fun I just didn't want to leave. We finally sat down and ordered some apps. As we waited for the appetizers I realized things were progressively getting worse! The smells of the restaurant were really getting me nauseas and no matter how much lemon I put in my water (Docs say the tartness of lemon is a natural way to cure nausea - the best is lemonade) this wasn't going away!

As I sat there in the corner I thought, I am going to hurl. I quickly threw some money on the table, grabbed my bag and jetted out the door, wishing my friends goodbye as quickly as I could. I ran to my car and just sat there trying to regain my composure. I buckled myself in, called my hubby, and set to head home.

Unfortunately, while in the left turning lane onto the highway, I just started throwing up. It was so weird, it was non stop and no matter what I did it went everywhere. All over me, my beautiful car and there was no stopping it. I finally got home, took a shower, and went to bed.

It was just so sad that I had to leave a great night of laughs and ladies.

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misspriss said...

Oh Baby D~

I feel for you sweetie! Although unfortunate that you had to hurl, I was SO happy you attempted to even put your "Big Girl Panties" on and join us....I know you were miserable! There will be plenty more "GNO's" in the future..and the nausea will pass! I love you darling and can't wait for my very 1st lamb chop!!