Thursday, May 8, 2008

I have joined the ranks!

Today, I realized, I have joined the ranks of the stroller toting, SUV driving, Super Target shopping moms!

As I pulled into the parking spot, hopped out, grabbed Mr Man and set about with diaper bag and stroller in tow, I looked around. Folks, the ENTIRE parking lot was filled with SUV's and strollers alike.

As I proceeded in the store, I heard kids crying "mom", little footsteps scurrying about, and mom's yelling childrens names to "slow down" or "don't touch that!"

That, my freaders, is when I realized... I have joined the ranks with these moms. With mother's day approaching, I scanned the super target and realized... this is it! This is where I belong! Althought I almost died (again!) I will never be the same. It was WELL worth teh 9 month and 26 year wait! I couldn't be happier to have a constant partner and I couldn't be happier to look into the eyes of my little guy!

Never again will I pop into a target to scan the latest in swimsuit attire. Never will I only care about the newest dishware or pie tin. Now I will be among them... among the mom's that tote the strollers, fill the diaper bags, and always stop by to see what diapers are on sale.

I guess it is what I thought it would be, but there is so much more. Your perspecitve changes. Your drivng changes. Your music taste changes. I mean, it is like being morphed into a calmer, more reserved, happier self.

Who knew Mr Man could do all that! Maybe it is those baby blue eyes, or the way he looks at me when he wakes up in the morning? Maybe it is because he recognizes when I sing his lullabye, or maybe it is just because we share a bond that can never be re-created!

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