Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

This is last year's birthday - but its all I got!

So, wonderful freaders, today is hubs birthday! As previously stated (by him - I may add) he is the wonderful age of 33. OH! to be old :D Just kidding!

It is really hard to write a post to the man you love, telling him just how much he means, and how special it is just to share in these days with him. Have you ever tried... seriously, its hard.

What's funny, is that I never really thought of birthdays as special. I mean, mine always came and went (PS it is the 23rd of May if anyone wants to know - wink wink) and it wasn't that big of a deal. Mostly people would call and wish me happy birthday. Sometimes we would go out for a birthday dinner, but overall, my parents aren't big birthday people.

Then... on my 21st birthday, I met hubs. Well, not really met him, but realized this feeling of butterflies in my stomach was something special. I remember, we had dinner (a big group of us) and we were headed to the bar, when hubs pulled me aside and asked me to ride with him and his sister. Of course I obliged, and while sitting in the passenger seat (with his sister smirking in the backseat) he pulled out a pink card. (Swoon!) I opened it and I saw it was a spa day. I mean, we weren't even DATING and the guy got me a spa day. I knew right then he was a keeper! Not to mention his (drunk) sister kept telling me how much he liked me! Priceless!

The rest folks... is history!

Now, having a new baby and being married have certainly altered the circle a little, but overall, it is still wonderful. I still remember the pink card that started it all. I still remember the 30th birthday party I threw him, and now at 33, I look at the man I love and (still) swoon.

Not to mention, Mr Man looks a lot like his daddy, so every day when I stare into the face of the little man WE created. I thank God that on this 33rd birthday I am still with the man I love.



33 years down and many more to go! I love you hubs! Mwaaa!

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Katelin said...

Aw it's my bf's birthday today too!

Happy Birthday to the new dad! :)