Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I have deleted the post about Mother's Day. Apparently most people think I did the wrong thing, which is fine. That is why I asked.

I have already appologized for the incident.

This week is a busy week, with B's baptism and everything so I probably won't be posting as much.

Hope you all have a fab week!


Sarah said...

Don't be so hard on yourself you are figuring this whole mom thing out as you go and you did not do anything to be mean on purpose.

Katelin said...

good luck with the baptism! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, i think you have every right to act the way you did. it's not like u intentionally went out of your way to disrespect them. B was fussy, and personally if i were in the restaurant, the first thing i'd think is "where the hell is the mother, that kid needs his mommy and his mommy alone." besides, they have 364 other days to celebrate grandparenthood, too; but that's just my opinion. i hope the Baptism goes well for baby Brady :)


Anonymous said...

Wait- huh?!?!? I missed it?!?! Don't delete it!! Who cares if people think you're wrong! Everyone does what they think is right and are on their own journey!! And I wanna know what happened! ;)