Monday, May 5, 2008

Chocolate, some wine and a 20 min nap!

Last week was a little hectic. Hubs was out of town for most of it so it went a little something like this.

Wed: Mom came over, around noon, went shopping and got some clothes that fit (thanks mom!) then came home, had some chinese take out and tried to get some sleep. Brady slept pretty well that night, but finally (really) fell asleep at 6:45am, only for my mom to leave the house and (accidentally) wake me up at 7am, to tell me she was leaving :)

Thurs: Had the AC guy come and finally fix our upststairs AC, then had lunch with my BF Missy (for about 20 min - don't you wish lunches could be longer with an 8 month old and a 2 week old) then headed to the doc for Mr Man's 2 week checkup. He got his foot pricked and it was painful watching him cry. Only to head home, feed the man, and pass out for a good hour and a half

Fri: Woke up, chatted with mom over coffee, got dressed, headed to the church (to make sure all paperwork was in order for his Christening) and came home, only to feed him, pass out again for another hour, and wait for the in-laws to bring me dinner. The in-laws came, we took some pictures (for the birth announcement) and they left at 8pm. Finally, we got some real shut eye. I think I managed about 4 hours (in between feedings and checking of the breath wakings).

Sat: Hubs FINALLY came home! He arrived at about 2pm, only to take a quick nap, feed again and jump in the shower for a birthday dinner. At this point (around 7pm) I was in dyer need of a glass of vino. We had a lovely dinner with the fam and it was back to the house for some more sleep. (Are you noticing a trend? Feed... sleep... change... feed... sleep and repeat)

Sun: Woke up to coffee brewing, my man a little fussy, but sleeping, and got to eat a hot breakfast, drink warm coffee and shopping. We finally bought our patio furniture cushions, only to realize (when getting home of course) that they didn't fit. Ain't that a bitch! Last night, however, hubs let me have a glass of wine, snack on some chocolate, and have a 14 min HOT shower. Really, that was the highlight of my week.

And finally... today: The maids came at 10:30am (again, thank you MOM - you rock!) so I had to wake up early and clean up (funny how that is). Mr Man and I got a little sleep. From 10-12 was pretty good, but from then on, it is a blur. Right now, for some reason, I can't sleep, even though my man is sound asleep next to me. The maids are still cleaning and I am starving but in the mood for nothing. What a great day so far :D

Hopefully tomorrow will be better... it is hubs 3o (SOMETHING) birthday. I promise I won't tell you the age, because he will probably read this and pass out. HEe hee! I wonder what we can do for him?


Kristen said...

the maid service must be a godsend. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, It's Hubs... I'm gonna be a big 33 tomorrow & I don't mind you guys knowing. Thanks for not making that decision for me though Babe. ;-)

Sarah said...

Oye, just reading that made me exhausted!!! I don't know how you do it, but I know it is worth it!! hehe

Katelin said...

oh man you are one busy woman. little brady is so cute though! ah! love it.

Anonymous said...

WHEW!!! I had a lot of posts to catch up on!!! OMGG!!!! He is so beautiful!!! Is all the pain and sleepless nights worth it? I'm scared!!!