Friday, August 3, 2007

Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So La, Ti, AAAHHHH!

Holy Moly! I can't believe that tomorrow I will be trying out for American Idol. I tried out the first year and didn't even make the first cut. My friend Steph, dragged me to this "singing audition." It was crazy, we had no idea what it was, just this little singing show. Now, it is the biggest deal and it seems every person and their mother are trying out! I don't have any doubt in my training or my voice, you just never know what they are looking for.
I just can't believe how nervous I am. The butterflys are building in my stomach, the nerves tingeling, and I am so excited at the same time! Eeehhh!
My wonderful husband keeps telling me I am going to Hollywood, and I want to beleive him SO badly. I just can't be sure. Everyone keeps telling me to calm, and be myself, so that is my goal. Walk in there, with a big smile and blow them away. I'll keep you posted and let you know what happens.


Lindsay said...

AHHHHH, I had no idea!
OMG, one of my friends is gonna be FAMOUS! WOWOWOWOWWWWW
I am so pumped up about this! You are wonderful and are going to blow everyone away!
Make sure you look SUPER cute too because when you win, those auditions will be public knowledge :)

elysa said...

I think you will have a great time. Just have fun with it and they will love you. Happy not sleeping for a few days :D