Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Laundry Conspiracy...

All you girls know, that no matter how hard we try, there is always something to do around the house!! My husband, God Bless him, lets me buy oodles and oodles of clothes! I then, return the favor, by purchasing, oodles of clothes for him! In other words we have too many clothes and not enough space to put them. Because we have so many, it is easy to just put something on for a day, and throw it in the hamper.

Unfortunately, that leaves me with piles of laundry that would rival a prison. At least there's are all one color :) We have a brown pile, a red/pink pile, blue, black and jean pile. Trust me, I could go on! We even have a dry clean pile.

Everyday, I try and do a load here and there... nothing like you gals with kids out there. Just a load to get us through the week with clean sheets and clean underwear. The problem is, the more I clean, the more gets dirty!

I am sure you all feel my pain!

It just seems, no matter how many clothes I give away, sell or just throw out. There is always laundry to do!


Michelle said...

I feel you on that girl! No matter how often I do laundry, it seems like it just multiplies, can clothes do that? Ha!

elysa said...

it's all a conspiracy!