Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ready, Set...Paris!!!

Luggage...check. International phone...check. Passport...check.  

I got to the airport in plenty of time & after waiting through a very thorough security check, it was time to board the plane. Squee!!

As I walked to my seat, I passed plenty of well dressed, French speaking men ;) Please let one of them be sitting next to me, I though. But, it was not to be window seat was located next to a very empty aisle seat. 

While sitting down I realize it's hot... Really hot! After about 30 minutes of no air in the plane, this young, well dressed man/boy sits next to me.  He was tall & slender, in a pale blue, striped linen shirt and jeans. He was probably 21 or 22. He had sandy blonde hair & piercing green eyes. This is who I am spending the next 10 hours with? JACKPOT! 

The only problem was, it didnt make the heat in the plane any better, & i would dare say it made it worse. Man/boy and I sit there, quietly sweating, until we hear the captain come over the speaker telling us that the plane has been delayed due to no air & we will have to get off the plane. 

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