Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 3

Day 3 started with a very late wake-up call. Mom & were apparently more tired that we realized becaus when we looked at the clock it was 11:30...oops!We had already missed breakfast, so we got ready in a jiff & headed to the local Brasserie. Who knew they had world famous Pizza Italian food in Paris? Could this get any better?!?

 The wait staff remembered us from the night before (apparently my shoes caught his eye) & he welcomed us with a big smile, handshake, & table with a view. I have absolutely no idea why they say the French are rude, because they have been nothing but friendly, honest & welcoming to us! Mom & I sat there dining on possibly the best pizza I've ever had & salmon carpaccio, while we felt the cool air, breeze in through the open window. It had begun to rain but nothing was going to keep us down!

 After eating & drinking ourselves into a stuper, we hopped on the Metro & braved the crowds (and rain) towards the Opera.  It was pouring by the time we got there, but the moment we stepped inside, we knew it was all worth it!!

We were instantly transported to a regal & more elegant era. The staircase is breathtaking and it takes little imagination to see how the Paris Opera is easily one of the best in the world. Just walking up those steps transports you to a visual of you, in a silk ball gown, walking those stairs while the Arias permeate the walls.

As is the Opera were not spectacular enough, Christian Lacroix's costumes were also on display, & the craftsmanship & fabric are unparalleled! The imagination it took to create those outfits is simply breathtaking!

After leaving the Opera, we headed back out in the cold rain, towards the grande Notre Dame. The cardinal was giving a mass & we weren't going to let our frizzy hair & cold bones stop us from that.  All I will say, is that the church, the mass, & the ambiance was amazing! To be seated in a church that has given mass since the 1600's is breathtaking & the Cardinal walking three steps from us, was icing on the cake.

After eating another amazing meal of lamb & duck with roasted peaches, we are back in our lovely hotel, relaxing.  We have one more day left in Paris & I will be sad to see it go! There is so much this city has to offer, & the people, the weather, & food has been nothing short of incredible!

Tomorrow is a day of shopping (sorry dad...we just can't help ourselves ;)) & then it is off to Champagne to drink & eat more!

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