Sunday, August 12, 2012


The Champagne flowed, as mom and I sat at an outside cafe on our first day in Reims. We realized this town was going to be way better than Paris! Nothing against Paris but this was Champagne country baby!

The setting was majestic. There was a gold angel high above the town square signaling its strength of many years ago. There were cafe's lining the street, fashion, and it was everything our hearts dreamed of...and more.

We finished our bottle of champagne (yes, I said bottle - and my mother, the ever lightweight - was less help in this matter, but at least she's a goofy drunk ;)) and we walked back to our very posh hotel.  The first night was finished with a divine dinner of Oysters and Salmon and plenty of wine. Truly a great way to start this part of our trip.

The second day, we woke up early and opened our windows (yes, you can do that in French Hotels) and it was off to visit another church.  This time, it was the original Notre Dame, where every French King has been coranated since the year 411. Grande, Breathtaking, and Awe Inspiring, are not even accurate adjectives for what we witnessed. I would even go as far as to say, they barely scrape the surface of this exquisite church.

After plenty of walking, it was time for dinner. We decided to dine outside at a local restaurant beneath the square. The wine was good but the food was impeccable; Penne pasta with a Dijon Cream Sauce and Salmon and Beef Carpaccio por moi. Spectacular!

After dinner my mom retired to the room and I changed to hit the town (heels and a skirt were a must). I am too young to go to bed at 9 France! Especially when I hadn't managed to meet my non-smoking Pierre.

I landed at a local bar, withing walking distance of the hotel, and settled into a table to listen to the very loud (and good) band jam some 70's songs.  Just my groove! After sitting for a bit, I noticed quite a few people from the audience jumping on stage...apparently it was Open Mic Night.  To say I swooned and died at the same time would be an understatement.  This was no accident I was here...this mon frere is divine intervention.

Nothing was going to stop me from jumping on stage.  Nothing!  Carpe Diem baby!!

I couldn't remember how to tell the band members I sang (in French), so when one guy got off stage, I jumped up there like I owned the place! Maybe it was the Belgium Beer (or all the wine at dinner) surging through my veins (liquid courage if you will) but I was hell-bent on showing these French that I could sing.

I started by singing one note A Capella...and that was all it took. The band jumped right in with a funky blues song that I am assuming was made up on the spot.  We sounded good, it grooved, and it seemed the audience was pleased with my ability. The crowd sitting outside came inside to hear me and people were actually stopping on the street. My first song ended with fluster of applause and I was asked to sing more.

I stayed on for 5 or 6 songs, even closing the night with the band, and when I stepped off the stage I felt on top of the world. This was, better than was AMAZEBALLS!

The next thing I knew, there were 6 to 8 people circling around me, hugging and kissing my cheeks. One guy even told me I was "Superb!" and the bartender offered me free beer for life! HAHA! He quickly figured out I was from Texas and very American and changed his offer to Free Beer each time I returned :) Le Swoon!

Although, what happened next was/is truly spectacular...

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