Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dear Pierre

Dear Pierre,

Although I have not run into yet, I am thoroughly enjoying the city of love!

Yesterday started with a quiet breakfast of croissant, eggs, frommage, et cafe. Then it was off to Versailles. After mom & I braved La Metro, we arrived at Versailles, along with every other tourist in the city ;)

It was very gold & very large but squeezing through the hords of people was not really our idea of Paris, so we cut the trip short & headed for a cafe.

As we sat at another small round table, we soaked in the sights, smells, & sounds of Paris. The weather has been amazing & sitting to eat a gourmet meal with phenominal wine (that costs less than a coffee, I might add) is what we're here for!!

After a short stroll to walk off some calories, we stumbled across Le Tour Eiffel and it is simply stunning in person. It shoots up through the sky & gives such a regal & strong impression. There were couples picnicking on the lawns below & many pictures being taken, but aside from the tourists I still think it was one of my favorite moments.

 We headed home for a quick change and headed back to Seine. We snagged a boat tour (which was amazing!!!) and had our first taste of Paris rain. As we walked home we looked back to see the Eiffel tower sparkling. It is even more amazing at night!

To say Paris is amazing, simply isn't doing it justice! I will move here one day, mark my words!

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