Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Au Revoir (for now) Paris...

Yesterday was our last day in Paris & we wanted  to go out with a bang!  We started our morning with une petite dejeurnes et une cafe ole. This goes without saying, but the croissants are to die for. I'm pretty sure I've eaten 20 in the past 4 days, and as my work spouse says, gained a whole microgram because of it  ;) 

Then it was off to enjoy my favorite! We walked the streets, popping in stores, as if we were Parisian. "Bonjour!" we greeted each employee, "Merci, au revoir. Bon journe!" I found some great threads. As hunger pains approached, we were off to our favorite Italian restaurant for 5 fromage pizza et une carafe a vin. 

We visited a church that was the sight of an apparition of the Virgin Mary just as we were about to leave a choir began singing. It was the most angelic and beautiful sound I have ever heard. It was if the heavens had opened & they were thanking us for stopping by. We bowed, crossed ourselves, & left the sparkling blue church. 

We ended our evening by dining on salads and more wine, while sitting outside on our favorite petite cafe chairs. I must also admit that our waiter was quite attractive & French, but alas his name was Will & he did not sweep me off my foot (insert sad face here).

I'll end our Paris adventure by saying I may have to retract my previous statement about moving here. The more time in Paris I spend, the more it feels like New York City. The metro is filled with commuters & traveling on it has made me more direct & pushy than I care to admit.

I wouldn't say Paris has lost its allure but I have quickly realized how similar (& different to dime extent)  those 2 cities are. The one vast difference, that I have absolutely fallen in love with, is the relaxed experience with restaurants & food. Instead of shoveling food in your mouth, they sit & enjoy the weather, food and wine easily.  There are even occasions when they just sit, smoking, and talking to the wait staff as if they are friends. It is as if they truly enjoy the company of others. No phones, no IPad's...just simple conversation. What an amazing concept ;)

Today, we are heading to Reins (pronounced like France with an R), which is the Champagne region. We hope to experience the real France; less tourist attractions & more champagne!

As I sit writing this, I am seated in a quaint cafe. I've eaten the most amazing omelette & croissant, & even the garbage man has stopped in to grab une espresso. 

C'est Magnifique Paris! Until next time!

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