Monday, August 13, 2012

Mon Pierre...

As I stated in the last post, what happened after I sang, was simply incredible...

As most of you know, I have been dreaming of France to meet my very own, Non-Smoking, Pierre. I've been teasing my friends and family for months that I was going to France and a beautiful French man would sweep me off my feet and I would fall in love, only to quickly return with Brady (and my ex-husband - he would LOVE France by the way) and never come home again.

That didn't exactly happen...but it seemed mon Pierre had been sitting in the audience watching me sing the entire evening.

After the "show", a young, very well dressed man, approached the table of my new French friends.  He thanked me for my singing (in his beautiful French/English accent) and asked if I had come to France with someone or if I was here by myself.

He had slightly curly, sandy blonde hair, and green/blue eyes that could melt your soul.  He was wearing a turquoise blue polo shirt (popped collar of course - that's how they roll in France) and jeans that were the perfect French slim cut. He was maybe 6 feet, slim but muscular, and with an accent to die for.

I explained that I came with my mom, but she was asleep in the hotel room, and that I was only in town for one more day.  We chatted briefly about being from Texas and America but it seems their only knowledge of the show...Dallas (yikes!). He explained that he was going to Dallas for a Foreign Exchange program and that it was tres magnifique to know someone there.

I also quickly realized he spoke only some English, which was comical next to my less than stellar French. None the less, we communicated (him in French and I in English) and he tried his best to translate the conversation of my new French friends.  The translation was truly comical (think a hilarious version of Pictionary meets English to French dictionary) but it only made my evening seem more spectacular. 

I must've looked like a goon with my full face grin, but shit, I was in France...with an extraordinarily good looking Frenchmen holding my hand (they are quite affectionate, the French) and speaking with a table of new found friends.

Next thing I know, my male friend is leading me towards the exit door of the bar and trying to get me to go with him and all our new friends.  He kept repeating "Avec Moi?"  (translation: with me?)  I was concerned to say the least, and alarm bells were going off in my brain (go with Mr. French hottie where? In a country where I barely speak the language and where my navigation skills are far from perfect...EEK!) but seeing the alarm on my face, the young girl that was with us explained that they were all headed to a Discotheque and they wanted me to join them. Why not, I thought.  This is my once chance and I am in France for God sake :)

The discotheque was nothing to write home about (think very cheesy disco balls with blue circle lights illuminating the walls, and bad techno music) but my new French friends and I were having a blast and I wasn't going to let a cheesy environment ruin my mood! We danced and laughed like college kids!

After realizing the discotheque was not our scene, we walked into the karaoke portion of this bar (or whatever it was) only to realize this was a worse scene than before.  The girl singing "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Deon, IN FRENCH, and far from the correct key, was not going to keep me awake. It was late and my mom was getting worried.

I told my new friends I had to leave, kissed each cheeks, and left with French Hottie (FH) and his cousin (who affectionately referred to himself as Lumierre (as if I haven't seen Beauty and Beast...HA!)) so they could walk me back to the hotel. Lumierre wondered off and FH and I arrived at the hotel at the prompt hour of 3 AM.  Apparently, French hotel lobbies shut down at 2 AM (whoops!) and I had to text my mom to come let me in.

As we waited and stared at the darkened lobby, FH whispered in my ear...Andrea, you are tres jolie (very beautiful).  Regardez Moi, s'il vous plais (look at me, if you please).  Ok, so looking back, it was probably cheesy, but considering my was the most welcomed French words I have ever heard. 

And then...he leaned in and kissed me.

WARNING: If you are related to me (or think of me like a sister), please don't read the next few lines of this post ;)  *It was unexpected but sweet and gentle.  He smelled like L'Occitane (think Lavender and flowers meets European Spa) and tasted like fruit...and he was a damn good kisser...hee hee!*

I don't know how long the kiss lasted but when I turned around, a hotel employee was opening the door and I was being whisked inside. Au Revoir FH, I waved. And that was it. FH was gone ;)

I will end this post by saying that my mom and I could not have been more pleased with France.  It exceeded (and over exceeded) our expectations.  The food was a mouthwatering exploration of our palates, and the wine and Champagne were beyond what we had hoped.

I hope to return, in the very near future, to explore more wine country and maybe stop in Reins to jam with a band.

Au Revoir France!!  Je T'Aime Bouquet!!

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