Friday, January 2, 2009

A Rockin' New Years Eve!

Well, rockin' was how I felt at the end of the evening :) I think the room was rockin'! Hee hee!

Needless to say our neighbors party was a blast! Mr Man spent the night with Nona and Poppy and Hubs and I partied it up! You know... every now and again we are allowed!

Our next door neighbors decided to throw a bash that was well worth the walk! We arrived at 8 pm to Kamakazi shots and red wine in large quantities. Needless to say things got fuzzy and fun from there!


Our adorable hosteses!


The culprit


My new friends!


Hey we're normal...


Well... almost!

Hope you all had a fab New Years Eve! Happy 2009 folks!


Sarah said...

glad you had such a good time! you look great in your new dress!

rachel said...

your dress is seriously adorable, you are one hot mama! LOVE that fits pic of you an hubs, so glad you guys had a blast!!


Kelli said...

I love that picture of you and the hubby smoochin'-you look so happy! glad you lived it up a little- you deserve it!

Katelin said...

aw looks like a blast! happy new year!