Friday, January 16, 2009

Playdates are great!

Especially when pretty girls are involved ;)

Yesterday, my friend Lindsay headed over my way, and we let A and B play around, while we chatted it up and ate some pizza. Seriously, is was a great way to spend a Thursday!

It was so fun watching the little ones interact. They are only 1 month apart, so they are mostly of the same level. A is a little better at eating (JK Lindsay) clapping and waving, but B has her beat in the motor skills department.

At first B tried to eat A's bow, and A tried to lick his head, but after that... they were having a great time. Playing the piano together, climbing on the gate to get the dog's attention, and just crawl around.

It was so fun! Thanks for a great day Lindsay!

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!!


Kelli said...

How cute and fun! My friend/neighbor's little boy is only 2 weeks ahead of Ali- I can't wait to get them together!

So stinkin cute!

Katelin said...

aw they are so cute. future best friends perhaps? or bf/gf? haha. cuteness.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for inviting us!!! It was fun watching them all over the place!