Friday, January 30, 2009

I've Fallen off the face of the Earth!

I know, I am a bad blogger... boo!

See, Hubs was out of town this week and B had a snotty nose, and the both of us were getting no sleep.

I was SURE it was teething, because he had all the symptoms. Until... this morning, when I woke up with this crap!

We both have stuffy noses and we are headed to the doctor this afternoon.

Not to mention, we have friends coming in town, so the house needs to be cleaned. We have a party Sat night, AND its superbowl Sunday! Geeesh!

Of all the times to get sick, right?

Anyhoo, I juts wanted to say, I am alive, and hacking up a lung, can't breathe out of my nose and dying well. I am just a tad busy!

Ciao darlings, hopefully next week will be better!!


Julie Q said...

feel better both of you!!!

HM said...

Feel better quick! Being sick sucks!

Katelin said...

oy, feel better!

Angela said...

Guess what? I gave you an award!

Andréa said...

Julie Q, HM, and Katelin: Thank you so much. Not feeling Much better today, but I am hoping it is on its way out!

Angela: Thanks for the award, I tied to click the link and it didn't let me :(

Mark and Abby said...

Hi Andrea! Its Abby, I saw your comment and sorry its taken me awhile to get back to you! Still figuring this thing out! I really like your blog, I'll add ya'll too! Hope you and the little guy are feeling better :)