Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Bro...

Today, you are one year older. You are wiser, you are stonger, and you are more generous and kind than I ever thought possible.

Yes, there are times you are a true teenage. Yes, there are times when your Wii games in the living room annoy me. Yes, you are more like me than I care to admit. And Yes, you are my amazing baby bro!

I have to sit back and remember that little blonde, curly haired baby, asking me "Wassup!" when I walked in the room. I remember when you took your first step. I remember when you answered the phone for the first time. And I remembered when you started shaving ;-)

Then there are times, like when you automatically open the door for me and B, that I think... Mom and Dad did a hell of a job!

You are kind and sweet, and you give the best hugs and I am truly thankful you are my baby bro!!

I know I am probably not as cool as I used to be, I know I am not a big as I used to be. But... I am still your big sis. And I hope you know... I am always here for you. No matter what!

You big Sis will be here, giving hugs, no matter what!


Sarah said...

my eyes just got misty. So sweet. happy b-day to your little bro!

Valley Girl said...

Is that your brother in the pic? He's so cute!

HM said...

That is so sweet. Happy Birthday to him!!!