Monday, January 26, 2009

I really just have some random things to say...

So here goes.

Did you see the SAG awards last night? OMG Terry Hatcher you ROCKED it with that dress. Seriously, you shouldv'e won an award just for that.


Um... Angelina what they hey? This dress was FUGLY! Not to mention all your tattoos on your back... classy. UGH!@ Plus! She was totally weird with Guiliana. I mean, it was AWKWARD.


Brad, however, you are stunning. Smooches!

Ok, one last thing... does anyone watch E!? I was watching when Jeremy Piven was on and he eluded to the fact that Guiliana Rancic was preggo? Could it be true? If anyone knows (ehm... Katelin, Julie Q) please tell ;-)



Your celebrity gossip whore!


On a totally different note, who is going to the 20SB blogger meet up in Chicago? I really want to go but I don't think hubs is too convinced? Are you all bringing the spouses or are you flying solo?

And... I signed up for Twitter, but here is the deal. Who has time to sit at your computer and twitter all day? Is it an Iphone thing or what? I don't get it? Maybe I am technically challenged.

Oooohhh and one last thing, I got a new blog layout for my food blog. Check it out and tell me if it is too plain or what. I can't seem to find a cute food layout?


Katelin said...

oooh i don't know about guilana actually, i will have to look into this.

and as for the twitter business, i'm at my computer all day so it helps with the twittering, haha.

. said...

Hey - I was confused about Twitter also. You should be able to text to your Twitter account and it will auto update your status even on your blog. All you will need is your text. Very easy... it's starting to grow on me. :)

Emma said...

Teri DID rock that dress :-)