Friday, November 14, 2008


Our adorable helpers!

We had our garage sale this morning and we totally rocked it!!!

We got out around 8:30 AM and as soon as those signs were out, the people came.

It was a little scary to begin with, because some guy came and offered 10 for a 30 dollar item. I told him 15, so he asks his friend (en espanol) for more money. Comes over, gives me 2 fives and before I know it he has it in his car. Bastard!!

Then, some woman switched the sticker on my clothes and tried to get something for $2 that I had marked $7. Luckily, I caught it and she offered $5, which I took.

I would say, overall it was success! We made some cash AND we get another day tomorrow.


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Sweetassbabs said...

Congrats!! Garage sales are hard to make money on. Every time I have one the weather sucks and not many people show. Maybe next year my luck will change.