Sunday, November 16, 2008

Can I get a Hell Yeah!!

(A sneak peek! )

Well, this morning, bright and early, we headed to get our family photos taken.

I think they turned out A-DOR-ABLE!

Mr Man could not have been cuter! He was smiling and flirting with the photographer.

My mom bought the perfect outfit and Matt and I coordinated to the little one. Overall it was a fun day with lots of smiles and lots of pictures.

Then... I came home to the TiVo'd Giants game and they won... 30 to 10. HELL YEAH!

This day just couldn't get any better.

I am exhausted from the weekends activites but it was well worth it!


Classy in Philadelphia said...

ohhhh myyyy godddd. I can't wait to see more! So cute.

Glad your yard sales went well!

missy said...

B is too stinkin' adorable! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
My tree is going up next weekend fo sho!

Lisa said...

Okay that is the cutest picture!