Thursday, December 11, 2008


My brain is jumbled. I have a splitting headache and I think I am still in detox from my cheese coma.

Here are some things:

  • The Giants play the Cowboys this weekend and I am desperately (especially after last Sunday's debacle) hoping for a repeat of their last game.

  • I am having lunch with a great friend tomorrow for Christmas. So fun!

  • Everyone seemed to love our Christmas cards, which always makes me happy!

  • I have to go to the grocery store, horribly bad. I mean, we have no eggs, cream, bread or anything. Not to mention it is like 2o degrees outside (colder than NY I might add) and I hate dragging Mr Man out in this crazy weather.

  • This headache will not go away... damn you headache.

And to top it off, here are the rest of the pictures from NY. We had such a fun time and miss everyone already!

Early Christmas presents rock the world!


Yes, my very NY grandmother is a die hard Cowboys fan


Uncle R and B, so freakin cute!

Oh the food. I love it!!

Cousin C and Baby B

Uncle R feeding Mr Man

Hope you all have a fab Thursday!!


Katelin said...

i swear b just gets cuter and cuter in every picture, haha.

Anonymous said...

ohmygoodness will you look at that garlic bread?! I may have swooned at the sight.

And B couldn't be ANY cuter!!! Seems like the happiest baby :)

Anonymous said...

So your Grandma ROCKS! That's right granny Go Cowboys! :)
Looks like you had a blast!
I too have a friggin awful headache today...blah!
Hope to see you next week @ Michelle's! A & B Christmas pict time!

HM said...

The food looks so good too! I love when people like my xmas cards!

Kelli said...

Hope your head is feeling better today!


Classy in Philadelphia said...

Mmmmm that food looks AMAZING! I want someeee.