Friday, December 26, 2008

This Christmas...

B, with one of his many new toys

My dad, the chef!

Just a couple of my gifts from Aunt S!

Was by far the bestest, most exhilerating, most amazing Christmas, of all Christmas past!

Being a parent during Christmas time is an unexplainable high!

It all started Christmas eve where we headed over the hubs parents house to start off the festivities. B, Hubs and I all opened our gifts while we waited for the rest of the family to arrive. I got so many tops, jeans and scarves. Hubs also got all the things needed for a PS3. But of course the main attraction... was B and ALL his toys! Oh. My. Gosh. He got SO MANY toys! Leap Frog tables and houses and banging, singing trains galore. I have never had more fun opening and hanging with family while watching B's face light up everytime a new box arrived :) Brilliant!!

B, Grandpa and Hubs

Me about to get a B delivery

Hubs, B, and Uncle G

We got home around midnight on Christmas eve, and Mr Man was asleep upstairs, while we put together all his toys and straightened up the house for the next day of fun.

Christmas morning, Mr Man awoke at around 5 AM with those big blue eyes filled with joy and the biggest smile on his face.

I think he had an inkeling of what was to come, but he didn't want us to know ;-) We carefully brought him down the stairs and waited for my parents to arrive. We let him play with yesterday's toys and he was happily squeeling and dancing to all the songs.

By the time my parents arrived, there was coffee brewing, B was taking his morning nap and presents were waiting to be opened. We took the opportunity to open our gifts and let B take a good long nap.

Hubs got a PS3 (as I said earlier), baby bro was smothered with presents including a gaming chair, some wolf pictures, and a BB gun. Mom was given VIP seats to a Tony Bennett concert (with my dad) and Dad was given more golf stuff than he knew what to do with! I got some amazing gifts as well... I got 2 more (that's right Uncle R) signed G-men photos, Antionio Pierce and Osi, AND I got the Sports Illustrated cover of when they won the Superbowl. Not to mention
a BEAUTIFUL platter, table, curtains, and CD from my parents. Overall, it was too much to even recollect. We were all very blessed this year!

After all the excitement we ate a beautiful Frittata breakfast, piled on the couch and watched Mama Mia, and started cooking all over again! (All the food from yesterday is on the food blog!)

Overall, it had to be on the top 10 Christmas' ever!


d.a.r. said...

Ah how wonderful!!! What a beautiful blessing it must be to be a mama to such a gorgeous and happy baby boy! I can't wait to be able to spend holidays with little ones running around :)

Merry Christmas!

Kelli said...

A got that leap frog table too! She hasn't quite figured it out yet... but I'm glad to see that B is getting some good use out of it :)
You look pretty in your Christmas outfit too- hot mamma!

Fabulously Broke said...

AWww... that looks so warm and inviting :) Glad you had a great Christmas!!

Sarah said...

what a wonderful christmas! How on earth is B growing so fast? WOw time flies!

Michelle said...

I love your hair! Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas, we did too! Just wait until next year, Brady is going to go crazy over Santa coming! Grace sure did!

Nanette said...

Sounds like an awesome celebration! And kids really do make the holidays come alive. :)

Lindsay said...

Yay for toys! Toys and more toys! Now to find the perfect toy box....
I was thinking about a girls night? Toes done... and a bite, and a movie? Or whatever, what do you think? I think I'll send out an email to see when everyone is free?
Talk to you soon!

Katelin said...

aw glad you had such a great christmas. love all the pics, you all look so happy! yay!