Monday, December 29, 2008

Questions for my freaders :D

This is the first new years eve (in 6 years I may add) that Hubs and I will be partying it up! Normally, we go to a restaurant, drink some fab wine and just chill. However, this year, my neighbors have been kind enough to invite us to their annual New Years Eve party. I am totally stoked! Plus, I get to wear one of my new dresses...


Hopefully, Hubs gets over the cold of death before Wednesday. Lord knows I had it for about 8 days and I am STILL not over it completely. Blugh! Oooohhh... and I have to bring an appetizer. Does anyone have a fabulous recipe that I can impress them with my cooking skills?

I have this Chihuahua (Mochachino) who is adorable, but stupid as anything. Actually, I think he may be smart, but he doesn't want us to know, just so he can do stupid things and we won't be mad. You know... like those guys who pretend not to cook because they don't want you asking them to cook dinner every once in a while? Sorry... I digress. So... lately (well, actually, ever since B was born) he has been peeing in our formal living and dining room. At first I thought he did it because our cat was peeing in there and we didn't know. But now that the cats are gone :( Stupid Mocha is STILL peeing. And I am FED UP! I have steamed cleaned the carpets and now I am having to keep him gated in the kitchen. He has access to his food and water, his bed, and the dog door. I still feel bad though, but I can't let him out and be a pee monster. Any suggestions? I am ready to call the damn Dog Whisperer. Ceasar... where are you?

And finally, I have so many new outfits and nowhere to go. I got scarves, dresses, sweaters, 3 pairs of shoes, earings and 2 new handbags, but I don't have anywhere fab to go? I feel stupid dressing nice when I am with B, because he wants to eat my sweater, my purse, and my earings. Do you think it is ok if I get dressed up and take B to the mall? Or do you have any ideas for me to get some use out of my new outfits?

OMG seriously, is anyone excited about the premier of The City tonight? I feel lke I am 14 and I have no idea why I love these shows, but I am totally excited :)

Hope you all have a fabulous Monday! Can't wait to read your answers! Ciao Darlings!!


Kristen said...

A very QUICK and EASY appetizer which i am making for new years is pigs in a blanket...get the refrgierated pillsbury crescent rolls and a package of those little hotdogs, you know, the mini ones? then just wrap the crossaint over the hotdog and pop in the oven. super easy...i dont know about times though because i have never done it, but if i can do it, im sure its pretty idiot proof! good luck! :)

d.a.r. said...

I will totally second the pigs in a blanket :) I also love spinach artichoke dip, you can never go wrong with that!!

As far as the pup goes, I put Chief in time-out. Okay, stop laughing. But, she only poos on the floor when she is mad at us (she is so spiteful!) so I tell her "go to timeout!" and she walks right into the guest bathroom and sits on the rug. I shut the door and she stays in there about 15 minutes while I occasionally say "baaaaaaaaaaadddd pug". Um, I realize I sound like a freak now. But, it works for us :)

Or, maybe he just likes the carpet in there? I know Chief won't pee on hard surfaces like concrete, tile, hardwood, etc. But carpet is fair game. I think watching him like a hawk or confining him to the kitchen may be the only solution!

Kelli said...

Here's my famous Mexi Corn Dip

1 box cream cheese softened
1 cup sour cream
1 can mexi corn
1 clump of green onions
1 can jalepenos or green chilis
enough shredded cheddar cheese to sprinkle on top

Mix it all together, sprinkle cheese on top and broil until cheese is bubbly!
Serve with chips or bread
It's SOOO GOOD, and a crowd pleaser for sure! And it's easy!

And here's a link for doggie diapers:
My mom's shitzu pees on the carpet, so she has to keep a diaper on him. It's so embarrassing, but it works! He won't pee in it because he hates to feel his own pee. Give it a try!
And I've got nothing on the cute clothes- I say wear um to the mall. I NEVER EVER dress up, so I'm no help :(

Sarah said...

Oooh that dress is awesome! You should totally wear it. And I think you should wear nice clothes to the mall. you deserve it! B is getting a bit older so he might not be so tempted to eat your accessories, right?...hopefully

Kristen said...

cute dress.

i would absolutely dress up and go to the mall or to dinner. what the heck? and baby spit washes out. :)

Fabulously Broke said...


Always a crowd pleaser because they're deep fried and filled with shrimp and pork with veggies.

Or something similar to wontons.

HM said...

Cute dress! I haven't been to a party on New Years in ever!

I'd take your dog to the vet and see what's going on. Make sure he doesn't have an infection or something.