Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some fun in the snow!

Well not really, since it doesn't snow down herah, but... this week should be one fun week!

Of course there is the obvious... Christmas... WOOT! And Christmas Eve, which is a big night of presents in hubs family.

But other than that... today we are finishing our shopping, raking leaves and finishing cleaning our house. Plus it is supposed to be 75 degrees outside. Score! Unfortunately, I woke up and lost my voice. Which is utterly bizarre because it was fine last night... just a tickle. Weird?

Then Sunday a frigid cold front is supposed to come, so we should wake up to about 20 degrees and windy. Brrrrr! However, my G-Men play Carolina and they better win! Otherwise, I have no problem flying to NY and spanking each and every one of them with a wooden spoon. Hee hee! Serioulsy though, what the heck happen to them? First they lost to the crap-tastic Eagles (sorry Rachel ;-) then the freakin Cowboys, and I swear if they lose to the Panthers, I am going to cry.

Monday is a day with the ladies. Hubs family (all the women) are having a brunch in the morning and then I get to have my hair done in the afternoon. Aaaahhh, what a relaxing day.

Then finally Tuesday I am headed to the mall with B so he can Santa (again!) And hubs aunts, grandmother, and Mom can get to get some pictures. It should be fun. Lunch with the ladies :)

I hope you all have a fabulous week!


rachel said...

i'm completely jealous of your 70 degree temps, i'm freezing my butt off over here in jersey!

and you know i love you, but GO EAGLES!! :)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Hey, hey! The Eagles are not crap-tastic! Love them.

I totally didn't know you had a cooking blog, but I loveee it!

HM said...

I wish I had family all around to do fun things like brunch. And I'm so jealous of the weather! Have fun!

Julie Q said...

enjoy your shopping! and be thankful for 75 degrees :)

Lindsay said...

I hope you and B (and Hubs too) have a WONDERFUL Christmas! Want to get together after all the craziness of the holidays are over? Since we have been planning it since Nov. :) Talk to you soon!