Friday, December 12, 2008

Mommy Mode

My best techy friend sent me these awesome websites.

If you are a mom, these are great additions to your favorite sites! - this website is like Craigslist for baby gear. It has stuff you can buy, sell or donate. It is so awesome. Just look around and you will be amazed. It is like a consignment store right in the comfort of your living room. Score!! - this one is too cute for words. It is a place where you can jot down everything your child says, does and experiences. It is a website for the mom, but also for the child. You can mark their growth, their first tooth, or even a cute expression. Not to mention, when they get a little older, you can take all the pages and print them into a book. How adorable is that??? I totally love this one!

Thanks E for sending me such adorable ideas.


Sweetbabs said...

Wow what great ideas I am going to check them out right now.

Lindsay said...

Ohh, thanks!
I love that A.G. picture!