Friday, September 28, 2007

Super Size Me.... Jose!

Ok, I am totally ranting so this is fair warning!!

Today is a very lazy day for me. I wake up, make homemade buscuits and then take a nap. I decide to drive through McDonalds, grab some lunch and head back home for more relaxing :)

Unfortunatly, after my 10 min drive up there, getting my order and driving back to my house, I realize I got the wrong order. They gave me a chicken sandwich... slathered with mayonaisse, which I will not eat, instead of what I ordered.

I head back to the McDonalds, I have to admit... a little pissed about the confusion, and walk into the restaurant. Now, let me prefice this by saying while in the drive through, I encountered a very nice college age boy who rang my order wrong and very nice, maybe 16 year old african american girl who gave me my order and told me to have a nice day. I wasn't mad at anyone in particular, I was simply mad at the situation.
As I walk into the McDonalds I am greeted by a woman of Mexican decent who asks me what the problem is. I tell her the issue: "I ordered a number 12, was given a number 10 and I just drove a good 20 min all the way to my house and back because of the mistake. Not to mention that number 10 is 50 cents more than what I ordered."
Her response: "You want number 10?" was not satisfactory to me. So... I explain again "Not only did I get sent home with the wrong order but you charged me more. Can you just give me a number 10 and refund the money, for my hassle?" She is not computing this whatsoever! She then proceeds to ask me what happened to the fries. I tell her, in my 20 min drive both here and back, I ate them. So she explains to me she would give me more fries.
I then, ask if she is the manager or may I speak to a manager. She proceeds to huff and walk in the back. Another woman of Mexican decent comes out and has another discussion with me. She speaks about as much English as the first woman and decides all she can do for my trouble is to give me a free coupon for some sort of Cinnamon Roll.
I walk out of the restaurant angry, hungry and most of all pissed that there are people in this country who look at me like I am the crazy one because I don't speak THEIR language.
Maybe, if I would have spoken her language I would have been treated differently.
So my question to all of you is this:
Why can the largest... most American company in the world, employ people that obviously
Speak no English and could care less about the service I recieve??
Yes of course, there is always the option of not going there, but what can one person, who decides not to partake in their illegal options, do to stop these people? The truth be told, I can't! Capitalism prevents me from taking this anywhere! They make more money by employing these people who are willing to work for $5.35, and they don't care about service because they know, we are McDonalds, one of the largest companies in America. If one person stops eating it... it won't hurt our overall profit!
Wow! Sorry for the rant, but it really got a rise out of me!

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elysa said...

McDonalds is the devil!