Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moussed, Waxed, and lets not forget slathered with lotion

No, I am not talking about what you do to a chicken before you cook the thing. I am simply referring to the crazy things us women go to, to prove to ourselves... we are HOT!!

So today I woke up, feeling large and in charge, tired and down right uglly. My hair was doing the scrunchy 80's hair thing (read below for further direction) and my face was breaking out. Not to mention my eyebrows were looking like I walked onto the movie set of Borat.

So I go to my eyebrow place today, quite content to get waxed and tweezed. Only to find that my waxer says I HAVE to wax my lip. At fist I shutter at the sound of that, and then say, what the hey... anything to make me look and FEEL a little better. After all is said and done, I feel utterly violated. I never want my lip waxed again. I mean it is one thing to have beautiful eyebrows. Oprah calls it the fastest, cheapest facelift you can get, and I believe her. But to wax your perfectly good lip, that (yeah alright) has some hair, but I am not the bearded lady for GOD sake!!

Now, I am sitting at home, hair in a curly ponytail (in otherwords a huge curl lump on the top of my head) back in my PJ's, staring at my perfectly maintained eyebrows and perfectly hairless lip and truth be told. I feel as ugly as i did when I woke up. OH how I love the emotions! It really suits me, can't you tell :)

Seriously, I should have just gotten her to give me a bikini wax, while she was at it. Then I could have truly been a hairless cat ;-) OH goodness, I am on a role. I better stop before someone like my poor dad runs across this blog.

Good tidings to all my blogger friends!!

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