Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Favorite Past Time

Picking a baby name of the week!

Ok... it is official. I am crazy. Now, my husband is the most conservative name picker in the world! Which simply, bores the hell out of me. I love him to death, and Lord knows I need that stable influence in my life... but I am Gemini baby... a crazy, never can make a decision, fly by the seat of my pants Gemini!!!

So I signed up for this awesome website that sends you 3 random baby names a week. OH SO MUCH FUN. I mean some of the names are just bizarre... but hey, that's part of the fun!

So my names for this week... granted M hates them all... are Bailey (for a boy), I am convinced I am having a boy, and London. I mean how cute is London. SO CUTE! But then again, like I stated before, I am crazy and will probably hate both of them tomorrow ;-)

I'll write back if I get a lead on a good one!


elysa said...

if you do ever pick a baby name you MUST unsubscribe from that email list, but in the mean time I think that is pretty freakin' cool

elysa said...

hey sidenote: not sure if you want only people you know reading this or you are into random bloggers reading it but there is a 20something blogging group if you are interested I have link on my blog.