Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hypersensitive Smell... Holy Schmole!!

OH MY GOSH. Who knew pregnancy could bring such amazing and crazy changes to your body!! This smell thing has really been getting to me. The other night Matt was having a glass of wine, the poor thing was trying to wind down, and I swear I could smell it from a mile away. I could have sworn he was drinking everclear, or he'd driven down to KY and bought some Moonshine. It is so crazy!
I am reading this book and the woman talks about going outside, trying to relax and take deep breaths, and all of a sudden her neighbors started grilling some burgers. She says she could have told you, they put a live cow on that grill and started roasting.
I mean seriously, who knew a baby, the size of a grain of salt, could make you do the weirdest things.
I have to say, with all the puking (granted I am only on week 7) and all the hypersensative smell, I wouldn't change it for the world! I luv luv LOVE it!!


elysa said...

I already have an insane sense of smell I will be in trouble. Did you make that crazy nose picture?

Andrea said...

No, I didn't make the picture, but thought it was very appropriate!