Sunday, April 5, 2009

The New Pad

Is coming along nicely :)

Hey... its no Taj Mahal... but its home, and B and I are lovin' it!!!

Here is the best part... the view!!!

The fireplace... which B has found he loves to eat... yummy!
Mr Man's new (Giants themed) room! WOOT!

My bedroom



And Kitchen... fabulous job on the cabinets L!

There are some things that I still haven't gotten used to like:

A) climbing 8,003 stairs to get to my apartment, all while carrying a diaper bag, a filled purse and a 23lb small man - but hey, look on the bright side - in 2 months my ass is gonna be smokin'! Feel the burn baby, feel the burn!!!

B) I have yet to figure out how to carry 2 loads of garbage and said man and diaper bag and purse DOWN the stairs - that one still has to be figured out? Suggestions?

C) I am loving cleaning this place. Um... hello vacuuming 5 min. Walking all of 3 minutes to the washer and dryer and dishes for one (sometimes throw a bottle in there) can I get a hell yeah!

D) I just got TV last night, and to be honest, it was kind of nice not having the option to hear the depressing news. I have no DVR (gasp!) and no cable to speak of. I have bunny ears (the newest model) but still. Humble pie for one. Thanks!

Overall, B and I are adjusting well. It has been a struggle, and I have fiigured out I royally SUCK at being alone, but over time I am sure things will be alright! The first few months are always an adjustment period. I am just trying to look on the bright side of every situation, including this one.

Ciao Darlings!


Lindsay said...

It looks fantastic! Oh and the view, I can't get over it! On a rainy day....breath taking I tell ya! Good job ma'am!

gemma said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for inviting me to your blog. i'm so sorry to read about you and your husband. thats really sad. i hope you're ok and i'll say some prayers for you all. looks like you've got a nice new place and things might be looking up for you. is that a jack vettriano print above your fireplace? take care and best wishes, gem.

Kelli said...

I love it! Sooo cozy and YOU :)
B's room is awesome too, I might add- woot woot!

And I've got a solution for the garbage- make B do it! Hee hee :)

missy said...

It's really beautiful, Dre! I can't looks as though you've been there for months, what with all the designer decorating.
As for the trash, give B some toys to busy himself with and grab the trash and trot down those dreadful stairs and back up....he'll never know you were gone!