Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Maybe I'm Ok?

With being alone?

There has been some adjustment, going from a 7 + year relationship to nothingness, but as the dust clears, I think this may be exactly what I need.

This coming Friday will be my very first weekend ALONE. And I am talking ALONE people!

Yes, I am having dinner with fabulous girlfriends... but coming home, later that evening, to a VERY empty house is going to be a sobering experience.

I think when you are married, you never really think about single people. I sure didn't anyway? I always thought their life was glamorous, in some sick way?

No one to have to talk to, or ask what they want for dinner, or cater to when their sick. But now... maybe its a blessing to always have someone to share your thoughts with, to have someone to get you theraflu when you feel like you are knocking on deaths door, or maybe... someone wants to cook YOU dinner?

Maybe it is a blessing both ways?

Eh... who knows.

Life is a learning experience (or that is what I tell myself these days, anyway) and each day is a new journey.

Sometimes its bumpy, sometimes its fun, other times it just plain sucks. But... there are ALWAYS lessons to be learned.


Kelli said...

I hear ya- you never do think about single people being lonely... I do sometimes envy them, but now that you put it that way... I'm reminded to NOT take what I have for granted, ever!

... if I was closer I'd come hang with ya, you know I would :)

Julie Q said...

awww i hope you have a good weekend. and you won't be alone because i'll be thinking of you :)