Monday, March 2, 2009

The first day...

Well, the first half day of daycare... went surprisingly well.

Mr Man has had a stuffy nose (from teething) since Friday, and I was worried it was more or a cold this weekend, but the drainage is clear (sorry... TMI) so I proceeded with the plans and dropped him off this morning at his daycare.

He went right to the nice lady and was playing around. I don't even think he looked up at me.

I gave him a kiss and walked right out the door. The tears welled up in my eyes a little, but I peeked in one last time before I left, and he was just happy as a lark. Playing on the ground with the other kids, like it was no big thing. Oh Mr Man, you are such a big boy! Where did time go??

I picked him up at 1pm and he was asleep in his crib (adorable!) and the ladies were so nice, they had his bag packed and everything was being cleaned. It was so sweet.

Tomorrow he will stay for a little longer than half the day, and I know he is going to do great! My mind is truly at ease with this daycare and this process, I know when I start work Wednesday, I will be able to concentrate and not worry about my love bug.


Michelle said...

so glad it went so well! XOXO

Blah Blah said...

Just catching up! (This is Martini!) Glad to read you (and the nugget) are well.